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January 31, 2018.




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Find all Kuros in this cute yet challenging Puzzle!

Start playing Kuros Classic today, a New and Unique Puzzle game - use your Logic to find all Kuros from around the world!

Kuros Classic is played on a squared grid where some of the cells have Red Kuros with numbers. Each cell has to be filled by either a Kuros (TAP once) or a rock (TAP twice). The goal is to find out how to fill the whole grid following some simple rules to save the lost Kuros!

Just follow these simple rules and tips to find out which cells should have Kuros and which ones rocks in order to fill the board correctly and complete the level.

  • The number on a red Kuro indicates the total number of Kuros (regardless of color) that it should see from his cell, not including itself
  • Red Kuros can see other Kuros if they are in the same row or column, and there are no rocks between them
  • Rocks cannot be next to each other, neither horizontally nor vertically
  • When a Red Kuro sees the right amount of other Kuros it turns Green, but remember that all cells must be filled, therefore this information may not be final
  • If you TAP a Red Kuros, it will tell you how many more or less Kuros it must see
  • If you PRESS and HOLD on an empty cell, blue Kuros will appear in all empty cells
  • You can use magic Gems if you get stucked to see where some of the rocks and kuros should be
  • You can always check out the Help Tutorial for easy and interactive instructions, and clear any doubt you may have. Help Tutorial is always available while playing any level, and is located at the top left corner of the screen
  • The initial levels are designed and intended to teach and reinforce the rules and also discover the different logic tactics and smart practices you can and should use to complete the board.

Find and save all Kuros to complete each of the unique levels, unlock new maps and exercise your logic skills as challenge increases.

Take on this fun adventure alone or compete with friends to see who can solve more levels faster and can complete all worlds to save all Kuros.

Kuros Classic is free to play, but some in-game items such as extra Gems or extra levels may require payment.

Kuros Classic Features:

  • Five beautiful and challenging worlds with more than 150 levels
  • Magic Gems that can be used as hints to help you fill the board
  • Delightful graphics with the most cutest and furry characters, logic puzzle games never looked so friendly
  • Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master
  • More than 30 Achievements to unlock
  • Ranking Leaderboard to compare and compete within the Kuros community
  • Help Tutorial with easy and interactive instructions always at hand while playing
  • Undo Button can be used to go back one or as many moves desired
  • Players that Facebook Connect can also check their own personal leaderboard, showing and comparing the progress with Facebook friends
  • Total Kuros rescued counter showing the exact amount and percentage of Kuros saved
  • Chose one of 10 Different languages available to play to fully enjoy the game
  • Controller Support available, offering the option to play it with a Joystick or Gamepad
  • Music and Audio settings are controlled independently
  • Cloud saving

Kuros Classic iOS exclusive Features:

  • Haptic feedback can be enabled to enhance the experience even more
  • AppleTV compatibility
  • iMessage app, play against a friend in a time challenge match without leaving iMessage
  • iMessage Stickers, share cute Kuros with your friends
  • iCloud Save, making it easy to sync the game between mobile and tablet devices and unlock the full game features when connected to the internet


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Santiago Arin

Creative Director and Producer

Martin Gaibisso Soldatti

Technical Director

Diego Costanzo

Business Director

Pablo Cobas

Senior Programmer

Andres Canabal

Senior Programmer

Joaquin Godoy

Senior Artist & Animator