25 Philosophy Research Paper Topics

A philosophy paper requires deep thoughts. You engage with the core of a subject like medicine, sports, sociology, or criminal justice without favoring any side. From topics in philosophy, it is clear that your title should be thought-provoking and interesting to read.

The best philosophy research paper topics depend on the perspective you have taken. For instance, you may be studying logic, ethics, metaphysics, or religion. Your topic will fall within your unit of study. It makes your paper relevant to the assignment at hand.

Here are the most unique and original research topics in philosophy to consider:

  1. Beauty standards- what is the measure?
  2. Life after death and what science has revealed
  3. Is war justifiable?
  4. Postmodernism and philosophy
  5. Why criminal justice system has never reduced crimes in the world
  6. The death of objective thinking in a post-modern world
  7. The value of religion in a scientifically advanced world
  8. Killing in the name of religion
  9. How Covid-19 has affected worship and religion
  10. Change in global perspectives as a result of the covid-19 pandemic
  11. Can women be equal to men?
  12. The man donates the sperm, the woman the egg, why would a woman have the right to abort? Without the consent of a man?
  13. Are anti-social children a result of poor socialization?
  14. The ethics of the use of RNA in vaccine manufacturing
  15. Forcing vaccines for the common good
  16. Should children be introduced to religion or wait to learn on their own?
  17. Solidarity with the black-lives-matter movement- the gains and losses
  18. Why do different religions have varying moral codes
  19. Loans to developing countries and the moral lessons
  20. Do animals respond to human feelings
  21. When wild animals show mercy to their prey
  22. Beyond the skies- changing human understanding of the world beyond
  23. The ethics of targeted content on mobile phones
  24. Gay marriages and utilitarianism
  25. Mercy killing verse the burden of bringing up these kids

Philosophical research topics are more than a phrase placed to headline your paper. It gives the reader an idea of what to expect from your paper. It also sets expectations that must be met through the paper.

Where do you get the best topics for philosophy papers?

  • Research recommendations – author points at philosophy paper ideas that they think require more attention. They leave recommendations at the end of a book or paper. Pick the discussion from there and take it a notch higher. You will be making a valuable contribution to academic work.
  • Trending news items – what is the current issue bothering the world? Is it climate change or race relations? Trending issues are a source of fresh philosophy research topics to anchor your paper.
  • Passion – Your passion can guide you to choose the best topic. It makes an interesting paper because you are fond of the subject. Pick an idea you are passionate about and share your thoughts with the world through the research paper.
  • Old academic works – did you write an essay or assignment that was not exhaustive? Revisit the idea by writing a research paper.

The best research ideas in philosophy are specific. By checking the headline, your reader should know what to expect. You get easy philosophy paper topics if you are guided by your passion. You end up with the most insightful paper.