How Much College Writing Should You Expect?

Most people do not know what to expect first year of college until they report to campus. Writing is at the core of all your college activities. You have several units to study each semester, notes to take, coursework, and assignments to complete, among other writing instances.

Personal projects will also affect your college level writing. For instance, running a blog or writing a book with come with additional writing. The ability to use audio note taking apps or hire writers will reduce the need to write too much.

The average study time for college students is divided between class hours and personal revision hours. Class time is an equalizer, but the level of writing will depend on how you take notes. Some students write verbatim while others are comfortable with jotting down the main points.

What determines your writing level in college? Here are the main factors:

Based on the course

Each course has a unique writing level. The materials you write for each course will also differ. If you want to understand what is college level writing, you must relate it with the course. For example, literature students could engage in more writing than mathematics students. A single math exercise could earn a student twenty marks. However, a social sciences student may need to write a four-pages essay to earn the same marks. The course determines the writing level for each student.

Course work

How much should a college student study? The duration depends on the intensity of your course. Some courses require you to write assignments each week. The assignments could involve drafting several paragraphs. Since no two courses are similar, you will have to bear with the writing demands of your course.


The number of essays you write per term determines your writing level. How long are college papers? The answer again depends on the topic and requirements by the department. An essay could be two to four pages. Term papers are ten to twenty pages. If you are writing a thesis or dissertation, you can expect to write more than 100 pages. Each paper is unique and will engage different writing intensity.


Why do you have to write so many papers in college? Because each paper has a function. Coursework helps you to understand the units you are learning now. There is one or two continuous assessment tests each semester. Another tutor my settle on a term paper. Each of these tests has a unique goal. As you write the test, you will understand how well you comprehend the concepts taught in class. The tests also help the tutor to adjust his teaching methods to achieve better results.

Writing is a part everyday college life. Instead of worrying about how long is the average college paper, you should consider sharpening your writing skills. Identify writing apps that can help you to produce better academic papers. Increase your typing speed or pay someone to write paper for you. It will solve your writing nightmare while in college.