30 Microeconomics Research Paper Topics

When asked to write a microeconomics paper your first concern is the topic. It is from the topic that you begin to research and determine the reference materials to use. Once you are done, the topic calls for the attention of readers. It gives an idea of the subject you have discussed in your work.

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Choosing microeconomics topics to write about requires deeper thought. Not every subject in microeconomics is worth discussing. Here are tips to help you choose the best topic for your paper. Make the topic:

  • Interesting

Every reader wants to spend his time on an engaging paper. Your paper will only be engaging if it is interesting to read. The best microeconomics research paper topics feature interesting perspectives and discussion subjects. Avoid the usual and mundane topics. No one will look at a research paper discussing the obvious issues twice. Your supervisor will also form a negative perception, resulting in a poor grade.

  • Specific

A topic sets the boundary for a discussion. It sets the limits over expectations that a reader can have from your paper. An example is where you are discussing economic changes in a sector or country. Limit the period so that a reader looking for information about a different period does not waste time in your paper. The best microeconomics topics set realistic boundaries for readers.

  • Researchable

Choose a strong and researchable microeconomics topic. Some of the microeconomics research topics could be too narrow that you cannot find the necessary materials to fill your papers. Others are too wide that you cannot exhaust the discussion. Choose a strong and researchable topic for your paper.

  • Introduce new ideas

Top microeconomics research papers discuss the latest ideas. Avoid old and repetitive discussions that do not add any value to existing microeconomics discussions.

Here are some of the best topics in microeconomics for your paper:

  1. Types of inflation, the causes, importance, and effects
  2. How game theory affects economic theory
  3. The effect of income changes on consumer spending
  4. Opportunity cost approach and its effect on individual decision making
  5. Homogeneous products in perfect competition
  6. Market equilibrium concept
  7. How luxury goods defy the law of demand and supply
  8. Pricing elasticity and advertising
  9. Razor and blades approach to business
  10. Importance of network effects
  11. Which between microeconomics and macroeconomics can solve the problem of unemployment?
  12. Depression and startups- is there a dark side to entrepreneurship?
  13. Getting small businesses out of debt
  14. Matthew effect and social investment
  15. Containing medical cost
  16. Economic growth and productivity
  17. Wealth and income in relation to social inequality
  18. Government interventions during market failure
  19. Employees and customer responses to bureaucracies
  20. Sharing the tax burden between the buyer and seller
  21. Part-time and full-time workers for business- the advantages and disadvantages
  22. Monopolists and price discrimination
  23. Circular economy and its value to the market
  24. Economic vs accounting profit
  25. Inland markets and government interventions
  26. Analyze the visible customer trends in your neighborhood
  27. What contributes most to business success?
  28. Improving profitability for a small store
  29. The law of diminishing returns as it applies to manufacturing
  30. The value of small businesses to an economy

Use microeconomics research paper example to understand how to craft a topic for your paper. Notice the subject discussed and how it is twisted to make it relevant. Discuss the topic with your tutor to ensure that it is relevant.